SPARK works in partnership with the West Moreton Hospital and Health Service (WMHHS) Paediatric Department to deliver holistic paediatric services for school aged children with developmental and behavioural concerns.

A SPARK allied health professional performs the initial intake assessment for children eligible for this service and arranges further allied health assessment to assist their paediatric assessment if required. SPARK and the WMHHS Paediatrician offer case conferencing for eligible children with the family and educational providers to support children holistically at home and at school.

The intake appointment is free and all Paediatrician appointments are bulk billed. Should your child require further allied health assessment as determined at the intake appointment, this will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment. Allied health services at SPARK are a private service and attract a fee. Your child may be eligible for an Allied Health Chronic Disease Management Plan organized by your GP (bulk billed) which can subsidise these fees. Please contact us  for further information regarding costs for this service.

To access this service, a referral is required from your child’s GP to the Paediatric Department at Ipswich Hospital.

Referrals for the Paediatrician should be made by your child’s GP to:

Dr John Gavranich, Director of Paediatrics
Ipswich Hospital, WMHHS

Please note: only school aged children with developmental and or behavioural concerns will be referred to the Paediatricians at SPARK. Younger children or children with medical concerns will either be seen through the Ipswich Hospital or Health Plaza clinics. Please contact the Ipswich Hospital for further information.

On receipt of your referral, the Ipswich Hospital will send you a letter asking you to contact SPARK to make an intake appointment. If you do not contact us to make this appointment your referral will be closed and a new referral will be required.